Cannabis Suppositories available in South Africa

Cannabis Suppositories available in South Africa

Cannabis Suppositories

One of our most powerful products at Cannabis Therapy is our cannabis suppositories. Now, the idea of using a suppository can be strange for a number of people, but in truth its one of the best ways to effectively deliver the wonderful benefits of cannabis into your body. Our team at Cannabis Therapy have therefore put this article together to help educate our prospective clients on the benefits and advantages of using a suppository over other more common delivery methods.

Cannabis Suppositories

Let us start with why using a suppository makes sense. There are many advantages that come from rectal administration of cannabis that would not be available to other more common delivery methods. Firstly suppositories are a great way to delivery the goodness of cannabis that would otherwise be impossible if the patient has an impairment with oral ingestion. For example, prone to vomiting, or a mouth injury or even issues with the gut and gastrointestinal issues. Also when you bypass the gastrointestinal tract, you preserve a lot of the goodness of cannabis that is otherwise lost during the normal digestion process that are conducted in the stomach and liver.

When we examine how THC is broken down in the liver, we see that more than half of what is ingested is actually processed into a more stronger “high”,while this effect is not harmful in itself, it can be quite alarming to a patient who is not comfortable being in that state. What we find when the same quantity of cannabis is consumed via a suppository, is that a large number of the side effects are avoided, while further allowing a larger amount of THC to enter the blood stream. This overall will improve the effectiveness of the cannabis to attack or treat the illness or disease that is present. Below is a picture that shows the effective uptake interval for oral, inhalation and rectal. You will see that Rectal is by far the most effective method of having the cannabis absorbed by the body of the patient.Cannabis Suppositories


Fig. 1 – Comparative bio-availability of different administration routes
Inhalation : 10 – 25% efficiency, highly variable, depends largely on the individual’s level of experience
Oral : around 20% efficiency, highly variable, even between doses within a single individual
Rectal : around 50% – 70% efficiency, with predictable effects even between different individuals

Its important to purchase your suppositories from a reputable company. Our team at Cannabis therapy will advise the best course of action and dosing information. What we do observe is that most of our patients will start to feel the effects of the suppository within 10 to 15 mins. The effects will last depending on the strength for between 4 to 8 hours.

Below we have put a clear outline on how best to use one of our suppositories.


-Before inserting the suppository:

    • It is very important that you use soap and thoroughly wash your hands before any of our suppositories are inserted. 

      • Making use of a set of disposable gloves or a finger cot can be effective in aiding with the insertion.

    • Please make sure that your fingernails are well maintained and do not have any sharp edges.

    • Please make sure that the suppository is solid enough to be inserted.

      • If you feel that the suppository is too soft, return it to the freezer and wait till it is solid enough to proceed. 

    • If you are only using half a suppository, then please make a cut lengthwise to help with the insertion process.

-Insertion steps:

      • Please lie on your side (preferred) with your leg pulled up towards your chest.

      • Please proceed to lift up your butt cheek and expose your rectum.

      • Please Insert our suppository lengthwise, with the pointed tip inserted first, then use your index finger to push the suppository in, till its completely inside

We then suggest that our patients lie on a bed for 10 to 15 mins till the effects start to be felt. If you would like to know more about our cannabis suppositories, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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